WIPA Work Incentive Planning and Assistance Social Security Administration

Work Incentive Planning and Assistance

Do you or a family member receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Would you like to try to work or return to work?

Are you concerned with losing your medical coverage?

Community Work Incentive Coordinators (CWICs) can help!

Community Work Incentive Coordinators are available to meet with you, if you receive Social Security benefits and want to work. C-WICs will:

  • Provide information about how work will change your benefit
  • Answer questions about starting or going back to work
  • Inform you of the many choices available and let you make the decisions


Work Incentives are…

  • Ways to help you attempt to work and keep some or all of your Social Security disability benefits
  • Specific to your situation
  • Applied by Social Security and developed by WIPA Community Work Incentive Coordinators


WIPA hosts monthly Facebook Live sessions to share information about Work Incentives and other resources to help you work.

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